RAK Paper & Board has been present in the Lebanese market for 50 years! Its founder and now Honorary Chairman Joe Raphael has always considered the people he works with as partners: from employees, to suppliers, clients & banks, he insists on the word "Partnership". "We all need to collaborate to make things work!!" he says, "It is only when we put our hands together, that we can grow". He is always pressuring his managers & staff in going out of their way & providing the company with the best they have.

“Customer Satisfaction is what makes our customers faithful to our company”  says Nabil Asmar (Chairman and General Manager). He continues: “On-time delivery, Quality of Products, Consistency and Reliability are our key words. Our goal is to serve our customers better everyday".

“It is very rare that a customer of ours is disappointed because he could not find what he was looking for. When we purchase our products from our 
suppliers, we know that this quality and this dimension is going to suit this particular customer” reaffirms Fady El Khoury (Commercial & Export Manager).

Thanks to its devoted managers & staff, RAK has been growing very rapidly. "In the past 20 years, we have tripled our  annual local sales" says Shermine Iskandar (Financial Manager). "In the year 2000, we have responded to globalization by opening our sales to other neighboring countries". She concludes: "With our solid structure and great salesforce, RAK's growth potential has no limits".

Let's just watch it grow …